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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  December 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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he call them back. over 300 calls, he reportedly has the nurses completely charmed and he's well-cared for. get well soon, mr. president. america loves you. america loves you. [applause]. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. before we go thank you to governor before we go another thank you to governor huckabee for trusting me to fill in for him this week and thank you, audience for being here. good night. [applause] p liberals.
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they are socialists.s. >> we had a lot of great interviews and it all starts right now. >> once upon a time you and i thought journalism was a call. >> i still think i am doing something noble. (laughter) >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi. i am bill o'reilly. thank you for watching "the factor goes hollywood special." top story conservative hollywood. actors chuck norris, james caan kelsey grammar have something to
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say about how things have gone over the years. we begin with chuck norris. >> if we look at history our great country and freedom are under attack. we are at a tipping point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don't change the course our country is headed. >> so you are saying, look, we are headed toward armageddon. in what way? >> i don't say armageddon. we need to go one direction left with socialism or right which would be people trying to make the money themselves. >> what has happened is the democrats have gone further left and the republicans have gone to where the democrats where 40 years ago. >> what do you object to in the redistribution of wealth? >> the fact that they are affecting the small businesses in our country. when you drive around the country and see the stores that are closed out of business because of what is going on with our economy, that really tears my heart up. >> tax me. i don't care. >> you don't care if you pay more taxes?
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>> i pay a hue mownineying gus amount -- humongous amount of taxes. >> so do i. >> you do, too. >> if it would help i wouldn't mind it. the thing is it will not help. the more money congress gets the more they spend. >> i have to see it is doing some good. you have a foundation i have a foundation. we give a lot of money privately to wounded warriors fisher house the people we know do good. >> chuck thank you for coming. good to see you beguagain. >> thank you, bill. >> would you call yourself a conservative now? >> i have become conservative because of the position we are in right now. >> financial position things like that. >> certainly financial. i have always said you are going to wear the badge that we wear, the sheriff of the world. act like wyatt earp. >> that puts you in a minority in hollywood. >> there is a fear out there with some actors who aren't as
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accomplished as you are afraid to say they are conservatives. >> i don't usually talk politics. i am on the o'reilly show. >> why don't you like actors talk about politics? >> because they don't have political science degrees. >> it gets annoying when barbra streisand or someone like that there's a political web site. people who need liberal people are the luckiest in the world. >> i studied. >> in hollywood also we are not as tough as we used to be. i remember a movie called el dorado. you are a young guy. >> i think you better stand up. >> john wayne, robert mech um and you. three tough guys. let's see if you can do that trick twice. >> wayne was kind of like he was an intimidator. >> me? >> oh, sure. >> i think you like it. >> i never worked with sonny
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corleon. >> don't give me the car loan. >> back then in hollywood these were really tough guys. tough guys that came up the hard way and that showed through on the screen. same thing with you, i would say acting is a silly thing for a grownup to do. as i grow older i do believe in the art and i studied. i didn't study how to be a tough guy. my neighborhood taught me. >> you brought that with you. >> it is part of me. the point is i sing and dance but nobody remembers that. >> anybody give you any jazz when you go home to la, i saw mr. tremor in chicago a few weeks ago miller and i were there. >> do you get any heat when you go back because you are a republican a conservative guy? >> it's not really heat. i have a lively speculation
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about certain conversations, i have read some things about how pathetic it is to be republican in hollywood. there's a group called friends of abe. people know i am a member of the group. there have been comments about that. >> nothing personal to you? >> not that i know about. >> i would have loved to have been on the set with you ted dan zahn and woody harrell son. you can't get more left wing than those guys. you and rats enburger on the other side. >> ratsenburger used to be on the other side. >> as soon as he start the watching the factor. >> there you go. >> did you guys talk politics back in the day? >> once in a while. once in a while. i have always been a small government guy. that's why i think that the private sector and society can take care of itself better than government can. >> did they get heated? rhea pearlman another left wing woman. did they get heated?
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>> they would say this is actually a phrase that they -- if he runs -- remember they were having the recall. somebody said maybe kelsey is going to run. he says i hope he does run i am going to pay a million dollars to defeat them. >> who said that? >> one of the producers of the show. >> you were out numbered? >> i am always out numbered. >> coming up comedians denis leary and john lovitts unleash. >> i believe in strong military and helping those below you. >> later ted kopple and i go head to head over the topic of the popularity of the fox news channel coming right back. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on.
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>> that might be a little over simplifying. >> i was trying to simplify. >> i just think there's a peer pressure kind of thing out there when you get into the business and everybody is one way, it's pretty much you have got to go that way. >> listen everybody can relate
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to growing up at the kitchen table hearing your parents talk only one view. >> you did work for dukakis. >> i did. >> when you were 24. dukakis was an okay guy but he was a very liberal guy. is that because you were working for him? >> i worked for schwarzenegger but he won. >> what happened to him? >> he took on the entrenched party system in california and got his butt kicked. >> he got terminated. >> they killed him. >> i don't think arnold knew what he was getting into. >> i think he tried. >> i disagree. i have never met a person who was less good at bringing -- or better at bringing it together than arnold. >> he left office with a 25 percent ail provl rate. it was just you guys that liked him. you and your pals out there, lowe. >> it's a very divisive state. if you are a centrist in california you get run over.
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>> that's for sure. you have got to change that. >> in the center is where we should be. all of us agree on a lot. >> have you become more conservative as you have gotten older? >> without a doubt. i am a centrist. my son studying politics in high school had me take an on-line complicated poll. you couldn't have put me more in the middle than where i ended up. >> do these pin heads in hollywood, could they care about the country's shape right now? are they aware of the changes? >> i think a lot of people in hollywood might care a little bit too much and involve themselves with maybe things that are above their pay grade. >> hollywood was so enthusiastic about president obama are there any buyer's remorse? >> i don't know. i am not a hollywood guy. i hang out with comics and we will make fun of anybody.
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>> are you >> i used to drink. i was a creepy guy. i was very short and angry, and then -- >> then you got taller somehow. >> i got taller i met the love of my life. i got married to nick, it's a girl, nick. i just said nick. >> i am glad you clarified that. >> wait a minute. we were with him. we were with him and he dropped that. >> especially you are an irish catholic. you were catholic and you married bruno. >> no. no bruno. nick. >> i watched the show my whole life and you say you are working class like me my heart skipped a little beat. >> that's true. you make it big. how do you look back? >> it takes way longer than any one thinks. people say what was your big break. it's hard to explain that you have had 20-30 big breaks that at the time you thought were the break. >> it has been a great day.
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are you in or are you out? it's not show friends it's show business. >> jerry maguire that's the biggest break you have ever had in your life. >> you know what i went through when i was going to have to fire my mentor? >> you have been around for a while successful in the entertainment industry, i have never understood why actors, producers, directors are sol, g. i have had actors come up to me who aren't liberal and say i can't really tell people how i feel because i might not work. charlton heston. said look i used to be a liberal then i became a conservative i never got invited to another party. my whole social contact list dried up. heston was huge. he paid a price in his mind for going over to the conservative side. >> i have never heard of a situation where because somebody had a particular political belief they didn't get a part.
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i think it's a bit of a myth. i will take it from an acting perspective. when you put yourself as actors have to do in other people's shoes, when you have to put on a costume that someone else has worn in their lives, it gets much much harder to be prejudiced against them and to be -- to not try to look at the world in a sense of i am not going to judge somebody, i am going to understand who they are and what they are about. acting is a very humanizing profession. >> empathy is gained by your professional expertise to play different characters. >> i don't think it's sympathy. for example i can't judge the characters i play because it's for the audience to do. what i can try to do is understand and embody what were they going through, how do they make the decisions they have made. that to me is a more interesting way to approach them rather than to say this person is a villain that person is this. it's not interesting to play.
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we try to make it entertaining. like someone the recount about the gore bush election, there are circumstances where people make decisions or misjudgments or behave in such ways you cannot actually believe -- you couldn't write this stuff because it's so outrageous it is inherently funny. >> thank you for coming in mr. space see. >> john lovitts had something to say about president obama at his comedy club but did he disrespect the highest office in america. >> what i said and why it went viral which frankly is shocking to me. ♪ (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves. so we celebrate our year-end with the "share the love" event. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities.
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úlooking back if it wasn't forúú shriners hospital,. ♪and0i0u things would just be really, really different.
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i lost my leg when i was a kid. there was a time when i felt like i wasn't going to be able to walk again... it was a pretty bad accident but shriners showed me who i could be again. they turned my whole life around. hunter's life is one of nearly a million changed by donations from people like you. send your love to the rescue. donate today. >> welcome back to this special edition of factor. tonight we go hollywood. comedian john lovitt colin quinn and denis leary unleashed. we start with leery. why do you hate america? >> i love america. >> you are a good boston boy. >> i love america. >> you write this country, i assume that's america. including you most of the people relate to do you by birth or america is populateed by beings who have been so blessed for so long they have been almost completely immune to any
6:20 pm
interest other than their own. >> you see. come on. >> how many people just in your daily walking around -- >> i don't walk around. people carry me. >> well then you don't have to worry about it. you are being carried around. don't you notice some of these more rons are walking around with their heads down texting or whatever they are doing while their walking. >> there's a lot of narcissism. not everybody. >> not everybody, not you not me. >> i don't know about you. but almost everybody else. >> you are making money. >> i don't walk around -- >> you are making big money on your books. you are basically saying this country is doomed. we are out of it. we are a bunch of pin heads. >> i am not saying we are out of it or doomed it is still the greatest country. >> put a percentage on it. >> how many are dead weight, percentage wise. >> i have to go, i am going to base it on my own mass circle about 45 percent.
6:21 pm
>> almost half of the country. >> we have wide receivers make a million a year tweeting god about dropping a pass. >> are you ben affleck? are you those guys? >> no, i am not ben affleck. >> my guys in boston aren't like you. >> who is your guys in boston. you know i lived there many years. my guys aren't the liberal guys? >> like who? >> i am not going to embarrass them. anybody associated with me their life is over. >> i am a jack kennedy liberal. >> working class guy. i believe in strong military and helping those below you and if you are balancing the budget you did a good job as president you should be able to sleep with anybody you want. jack kennedy approach. >> libertarian democratic sense.
6:22 pm
>> a lot just beat the hell out of you they are strong conservative. >> i have a lot of conservative views on a lot of things. >> give me one? >> tattoos. i don't like tattoos. >> military guys those are people that should have tattoos. >> you don't like the spider on the neck. >> i think that sends a wrong message. >> more ron. >> you know what we found? common ground. >> america today. we don't have tuts like the greeks or the romans. >> sure. don't you think? >> i am asking you, man. >> we keep doing the same things and expecting different results. debate used to work for our country doesn't work now. tribalism worked the greek thinking. we are like a complil layings f compilation of every empire. we are like the costco of
6:23 pm
empires declined. >> everything that everybody has done wrong. >> how does it manifest itself? >> with us it's likes excess. now even years ago people said we left all of the manufacturing jobs left the country and was all moving money. now it's not even moving money. now it's not even moving the idea of money. most people's jobs are talking about the future. money not even in the present tense. it's not even paper. >> like a hedge fund guy nobody knows what it is. >> you are trading the idea of somebody else doing something. they make all of this money they are not really doing anything. >> also you think we are culturally in decline because of the jersey shore. >> we have always been like that. jersey shore is an easy one to attack because at least when they watched plays they weren't frivolous. we are watching snooky losing her cell phone. >> if you really look at what's
6:24 pm
going on on jersey shore it's almost like the greek plays in a way. because remember the greeks the mom and all of that. i don't know what they are doing. i don't watch the jersey shore. it fright tens me. they are real people. >> we are irish. >> that's not all part of the jersey shore. >> italians are appalled that. >> even too close to them. >> horse how bad the jersey shore thing is even organized crime are appalled it. even the mafia are like hey you are giving me a bad name. >> people are making that into the focal point. they are not even like italians when i was growing up they don't even fight. they don't get mad they sit down you never see a grownup they are sitting there like i feel like we are not connecting. they are having a heart to heart with each other.
6:25 pm
>> i like west side story when they just attacked each other. >> do you watch the factor and cable news? >> of course i do. >> to draw from your material? >> i will prove to you i watch the factor. i think you have been bullying to steve doocy lately. i think he brings out something from you from teenaged years as bullying. >> i see steve as part of the decline of america. >> this whole thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is (bleep). i voted for the guy and i am a democrat. what a (bleep). the rich don't pay their taxes let me tell you something. first united states of america you can do anything you want. go for it. so then you go for it and you make it and they are like (bleep) you. >> i think people feel the way you do and it's frustrating but you were kind of disrespectful
6:26 pm
when you call barack obama a blankityy blank. do you feel bad about that? >> no, because you have to put that in context. i am in my own comedy club i am doing a pod cast there the nature of pod casts you are open and honest. that's the nature of comedy club. there's no language restrictions. you basically say how you feel. i wouldn't say that now. it is different in a club. i do stand up you make fun of everybody. you can't say in a clon televisn what you would say in a private club. >> we live in an electronic world where everything everybody says is instantly on the internet and whipped around the world. what i am worried comb is, ev - about is, even though i am sympathetic to what you are saying. i am a little bit like you come from modest beginnings work our way up really work hard and we are told we are not paying our
6:27 pm
fair share it is kind of annoying. i want the presidency the office to be respected. i don't want people using those kinds of terms to describe any president. do you see my point? >> yeah, i do see your point. to me i am just a mouse compared to the president of the united states, one. two you are in a comedy club and people cautalk this way all of time. if you have ever been to a club what i said is nothing. i also said he's amazing what he achieved in his own life. i think what i said and why it went viral which is shocking to me. >> that's why i tell you anything like that now anything like that they are not going to take it into context either. >> i think that is part of the problem. >> people say just because of
6:28 pm
you are a comedian p in a show you are joking around? the answer is yes. >> ted kopple and i go over the state of cable news. >> why don't you define your beef with me and fox news? >> it's the tv news edition of "the factor goes hollywood. we hope you stay tuned for that report.
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6:30 pm
>> in our first story tonight ted copple not a big fan of cable news. he thinks it has harmed journalism in america. i had to convince mr. kopple otherwise. >> why don't you define for the vast factor audience your beef with me and fox news? what's your beef? >> i don't have a beef with you. i really don't. let me modify that a little bit.
6:31 pm
i think there are times when you are, what's the phrase you like so much a bold and fresh -- sometimes a little too bold sometime as little too fresh, sometimes a little too intolerant of allowing people to complete an answer. >> does that offend you? >> does it offend me? it off fends me when you are rude. it defends me when you ride over people which you have a tendency to do. >> i only do it when they filibuster or when they lie as barney frank did that one time. i don't do it when somebody is sincerely trying to answer my question. it's not like it used to be. >> 15 years ago there was a n d crying need for a network that focused on conservative issues. fox has done that. msnbc has now come along and tried to provide not because it
6:32 pm
saw the need for an ideological balance but sort of a balance sheet. >> they are getting their butts kicked. there's a big difference between fox news and msnbc. do you know what the difference is? >> tell me. >> you don't know what it is? >> i am asking you. >> you don't know? >> we do hard news from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. 8 hours of hard news. msnbc doesn't do one hour of hard news. it's all let's push the liberal democratic agenda from sign on to sign off. this is a news agency here. >> i don't think any one is going to be confused as to the most of the people who appear on fox. >> i think that's grossly unfair to the hard news reporters. if you look at the bureau system and the people reporting the network is more traditional than the other network news. they give weight to people the commentators and the people they
6:33 pm
hire. if you look at all of the journalists, we can tip them down if you want rather, brokaw, cronkite they are all left wing guys all of them. you know that. >> hold it. i would argue that back in the day you didn't know what cronkite was. >> if you were in iowa you didn't know. if you were working at cbs news you dam well knew because i worked there. >> you may have known what he was off camera but you didn't know what he was on camera. >> but decisions wiere made abot personnel and story coverage and point of view by cronkite, brokaw and rather who were committed left wingers. >> and koppcro coppel. >> i think you were in a days at the time. i was in abc i heard a scuttlebutt about you. you weren't a big interferer and jennings wasn't either. jennings didn't like that
6:34 pm
ideology. that's why i didn't bring his name up. >> i would rather you criticize me because your compliments are more damaging. >> i have to tell the truth. >> bill, what is it you think that i have said about the network or written about the network. >> you think we have corrupted the sanctity of fair news coverage. that's what i think. >> i think that ideological comp raj of t -- coverage of the news, be it of the right or the left created a political reality in this country which is bad for america. i think it has made it difficult if not impossible for decent men and women on capitol hill to reach across the aisle and find compromise. if we can't do that, bill, we are going to be in -- and we have been ifrng for the last few years, in a terrible situation in this country where politically we can't make deals any more.
6:35 pm
>> so you are blaming me and the fox news channel for the deterioration of congress? if they don't have enough guts to do what is best for the country by compromising, all right, they don't deserve to be there. you can't be on top for as long as the fox news channel has been on top and sell a product that is inferior or dishonest. it's impossible. i want you to reevaluate our network watch it a little more and then we will talk in about a year. >> last word. >> the last word is how many people wiare watching fox netwo at 10 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon or 3:00 in the afternoon. roughly. >> i don't know. >> you should. >> we have millions of people watching on and off. >> you do not have millions of people watching at 10 in the morning or noon or 1 in the afternoon. the millions of people are watching you. >> they are better for it. >> the millions of people are watching those of you with a particular point of view.
6:36 pm
so -- >> that's the way the country works. that's the free marketplace. >> that's the free marketplace. imperfectly content to leaf it on that note. it is a business. it's operating as a business, and once upon a time you and i actually felt journalism was a call. >> i still think i am doing something noble. (laughter) >> next up, actors ed aznar and roseanne bar never shy about their political views. enter the no spin zone. >> you are a long time socialist. >> not a long time. >> you think president obama is a socialist? >> no. god no. >> socialism in hollywood. you don't want to miss this one. moments away. ay, here's the pla. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you.
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>> continuing now with our special factor goes hollywood. we had provocative conversations with actress roseanne bar and he had ed aznar about why they are socialists. >> let's trace your political evolution. >> uh-oh. >> were you always a liberal? >> i am not a liberal. >> you hate them? >> i hate them just like you do. >> i don't hate liberals. oo >> i don't hate them either. i was a socialist. my family was socialists. >> you were raised in a socialist family in utah. >> yeah. >> you were the only one in history. because they are not really known. >> there wasn't many. >> in your family you were socialist. you add here to the socialist point of view? >> i am for solutions. i am for rebranding things. >> everything is about branding.
6:40 pm
instead of saying liberal or anything like that or socialist i just say peoplist. stop add gjek tating and trying to get divided so we never solve any problems. >> but you are one of the big agitate tors. is this a new year's resolution. >> i do have a new year's resolution stop controversial blogging and lose weight. >> all right. because you have been agitate tore. you don't like ronald reagan. >> no. i don't like him. i don't like the i don't like him. >> what did he do wrong? >> cut off social problem grams and stopped the infrastructure for the safety net of working class people. >> i didn't really see that he did that. i was certainly a self reliance guy and smaller government guy. >> he sold our country out piece by piece to the chinese. >> why aren't we speaking chinese today? >> we have a nice country.
6:41 pm
that guy got in there and started selling everything out from under it. >> why aren't we speaking chinese if he sold us out to the chinese. >> i told my son if he learned chinese i would buy him a lamborghini. >> that's a little off topic. >> everybody knows that. >> everybody knows that? >> everybody on the left. >> besides you and sean penn who else? >> you know what i want to do charity farms. >> give the food to the poor people. >> i would help you with that. >> you would? >> you know how much money we give away selling our gear and gizmos we give away millions of dollars in gear. >> i would take you up on that. my book is about living your beliefs. if you are going to say something back it up. >> and we respect that. >> you get your little charity farm going we will help you out on it. >> you are an old time
6:42 pm
socialist. >> i think i am a present time. >> do you think president obama is a socialist? >> no. god no. >> are you happy with him? >> not that much. >> i have kind of recall recruitment. >> i am going to hold to you that. >> i knew you would be pleased. >> according to the dictates he should have done so much more in terms of the bank loans and the sense of the revitalization the money it should have been a bigger kick start. >> he wasn't aggressive enough in managing the economy. >> you thinks a phony? >> i don't know. >> how did you react when obama went down? >> too many regarded it as a panacea. he wasn't even wanted for 9-11. >> a bunch of crimes among them 9-11. >> everybody thinks 9-11 is now erased we got bin raad.
6:43 pm
>> i don't think everybody feels that. >> well i do. >> i think a lot of people do. >> lib gerl byes like you and barack obama has been aggressive. the drones going in there blowing these guys up. >> thooes two for my money. >> you have bad guys. >> i don't want us there. barack obama came into office that's the one mark on him i had from the get go was we are going to finish is in afghanistan. i don't think we need afghanistan. i think we need to get out thereof. nobody has ever won in afghanistan. we can dance and crow at the russians getting their ass whipped there but we are getting the same thing in our own way. >> one of the things i like about you you are not a mean guy. you and i are probably the most politically apart whatsoever but we can have a few laughs. i like working for you in the newsroom. >> you are fired.
6:44 pm
>> did i look like donald trump? >> did you discuss politics with the crew? was there a lot of back and forth? mary tyler moore is a big factor fan. she watches every night. >> how old do i look? >> how old do i look? >> mary has become much more conservative of late. i was the most outspoken liberal. >> rush limbaugh calls me ted baxter. >> never fear lou. when you do it as long as i have you become a brilliant writer. >> he was the biggest man i have knew. >> you climb 9 floors up the fire escape? >> i lost kocount in over shop. >> you are an honest guy a patriot. thank you. i adore you. >> you have got spunk. >> well. >> actor kurt cameron and
6:45 pm
football star tim tebow. talk about the importance of god in their lives. >> john wrath mussberger is getting people to work. >> when is the last time you saw a kid building a tree house? >> those reports after these announcements. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and a santa to boot! [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office.
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>> how important is faith in everyday life. to football time tim tebow and actor turned activist kurt cameron it is very important. they stopped the factor not too long ago to explain why. >> so the pilgrims want to put them up as kind of the foundation of america we might go back to what their philosophy was. here is my beef with that. the pilgrims were intolerant people they weren't i am bracing the pursuant of happiness for everybody it was their way or the highway. >> what i learned they weren't intolerant in the sense of king james was when they were in england. they wanted to live out principles they believed in their heart were true and right that would bring blessing not only to them and their family but to everyone else. you don't force it you live it
6:49 pm
out. >> you were going to get put in a rack they had the little rack thing there and remember roger williams got to get out thereof and go to rhode island because he didn't subscribe in the pilgrims exactly what they were doing and the pilgrims morphed into the puritans had the salem rich trials. they did have problems accepting other people's points of view. >> i think no group of people is perfect for sure. >> except the factor and the factor staff. >> okay maybe. >> but what i love, though, was the fact that if i could actually reach back in time in order to get some wisdom about how to move forward in the future for my kids i thought i knew who the pilgrims were and what i discovered was these guys are in very many ways my heros
6:50 pm
because they had enough fore site to know we would get off track one day. >> what was hear headline? >> they left us a set of principles and a secret sauce so to speak in the form of 180 tons of granite the very top of that statue her name is faith. faith is the core of that statue that has been paid for by the state of massachusetts that faith works itself out in all of these wonderful ways that provide security and blessing for all people. >> they base the philosophy on faith they gave them a sign post on how to live. you want americans to know what it was to get back to that. last question. do your pin head hollywood friends give you a hard time for being a conservative guy? do they give you a hard give me. but at the end of the day i want to be a man of conviction and i want to speak my heart and my mind with compassion towards
6:51 pm
people. >> dowdy bait them? is it a good natured thing or do they shun you? >> i always try to be good natured. if people want to call me names they can. i am not going to resort to that. >> i played football at a much lower level than you. in pro football they have christian athletes like you but it's a secular society. a lot of crazy guys doing strip clubs every night drinking all this business. does that impact in the locker room your lifesle compared to theirs? >> being an influence have a group of guys to come together and have a successful team to be together all of the time every day a year and longer together you have to have a -- find a common ground. that common ground for us is football. when they realize i go out there and work as hard as i can every day they have a respect for me for how i play. then that respect grows to like. that like grows to love. if you walk the walk when you say something it's going to mean
6:52 pm
so much more. that's how i try to approach it on the field every day. >> do you ever get offended by their behavior? the ones who do not believe what you believe? >> very rarely. we all have things we are trying to work on. >> you don't judge? >> absolutely not. i am not perfect. i am never going to be. that's the great thing about living the christian life trying to live by faith you are trying to get better every day and try to improve. >> there are some evangelicals who witness. >> absolutely. that is great. the greatest way to witness is by walking the straight and narrow and realizing gur to go to mess up. that's what grace is for. we are going to fall but you have to get back up and you have to improve. that's what i am all about not trying to act like i do everything right. i am going to screw up. i am going to mess up. but i am going to get back and get after it and try to do better the next day. >> do you play for victory? >> more than anything whether win or lose our hearts are on
6:53 pm
the field. on the field i am trying to play for the glory of god but also i am trying to give everything i can and win and compete. more nan lothan losing i think cares about where our hearts are when we are playing. >> you don't say god let me win by 10 points to cover the spread. >> i used to pray -- >> i would say please don't let me break anything. i want to keep my head or my arm in tact. i would pray for the safety of not only me but the team let the chips fall where they may. >> what i share in the book more than anything i pray that somehow through this game i will be able to honor him be able to inspire someone. >> you can do that by your faith. >> just by how i play. >> thank you tim for being here. >> thank you for having me on. god bless you. >> a crusade to get americans back to work. we will be back with that
6:54 pm
report. but i'm also on a lot of medications that dry my mouth out. i just drank tons of water all the time. it was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist and he suggested biotene. it feels refreshing. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse twice a day and then i use the spray throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. because biotene really did make a difference.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
you just saw the people down here i am not working $7 an hour i am not doing this i am not doing that. that goes against my work ethic. i am sure it goes against you. >> i have been working since i was 9. >> you start and you build up credibility in the workplace. you are saying public school
6:57 pm
education should teach some of these kids how to do these. >> 25 years ago they did. >> they bought into the philosophy everybody has to go to college. not true. somebody has to build the college. somebody had to build the ceiling before michael angelo. >> we used to go to shop. used to call it shop. >> the unemployment rate is 4.5 percent for this country. there is something said for getting educated because you will work. it used tock the master and the apprentice. you worked your way up. everybody out there knows if you got to get a plumber that's 25 bucks an hour. >> the faucet leaks you are not calling the geek squad. >> there's not enough training the public system. >> by 2020 there's going to be 10 million unfilled jobs in the skilled trade. >> all blue collar jobs? >> right across the board. anybody that uses tools.
6:58 pm
>> as the service industry goes to china and honduras the replacement should be skilled blue collar people who can fix things auto mechanic. computer guys learn how to fix your computer. >> the tinker in spirit is going, too. we don't allow our children to go outside and play for whatever reason. when is the last time you saw a kid building a tree house? >> because we are afraid of the child molesters. >> instead of fixing a bike we throw the bike away. >> you make a good point. president obama wants to create green jobs. >> doesn't exist. a job is a job. whether you are putting a nut in a bolts on a pickup truck or a wind machine. >> you are saying maybe the president put some of the money instead of in the green jobs in the you call them tinkering jobs. >> go back to the way it was. give the kids the opportunity studying or study map or study
6:59 pm
wood shop, metal shop. >> president obama says we are a softer now. we are not going to take the $7 jobs. is that true? would the kids respond to that even if you offered it? >> somebody is going to respond to it because it's our infrastructure: that's why we have the 10 by 20 programs. go from centers of you can download a booklet we came up with. it gives you an idea of what you can do as an average citizen to go to the schools to get to the media and stop denigrating people who work with their hands. >> certainty for go in there. people looking for working go in there and get an idea of what they want to do. >> there are thousands of jobs available but people have to step up and learn those skills. kids graduat